I get a discount by printing in bulk SHEETS at my photo lab!

So my goal is to deliver the savings onto you and your family by using

PORTRAIT PACKAGE  SHEET PRINTING method vs the more EXPENSIVE àla carte ONE SIZE per print that sell in photo labs.

My method gives you the best of both worlds! You can CUSTOMIZE your own PACKAGE SIZES, which gives you more OPTIONS!

The way it works is simple! The more you buy the cheaper each SHEET of Portraits  becomes!

Here is how to order using the MIX & MATCH CUSTOM PRINT PACKAGE PROGRAM!


These are for example purposes only, PLEASE FEEL FREE to CUSTOMIZE your OWN MIX & MATCH PACKAGE (per POSE)

You can use the physical paper order form that you received at the center and simply mark Quantity Numbers using the SHEET SIZE CHART BELOW

Or if you wish to order ONLINE: (WHICH IS FASTER!)

  1. Choose the AMOUNT of SHEETS in your PACKAGE that you desire.
  2. Place them in your shopping cart  
  3. Choose ONE payment method by clicking a dot in the SHOPPING CART WINDOW
    1.  PAYPAL — gives you the 2 options  :
      1. Log in using your PAYPAL account or
      2. Pay using CREDIT or DEBIT CARD. You do not need a PAY PAL ACCOUNT
    2. MANUAL – pay with CHECK or CASH using Paper Order Form and either return it to the center or mail it to the address on the order form.

When ordering the FULL PACKAGE there is no need for CUSTOM email notes. However, when buying smaller packages you may desire to order CUSTOM SHEET SIZES. Feel free to MIX and MATCH just send me a LIST of your desired SHEET SIZE options when you submit your paid order. *see example below the ORDER FORM GRAPHIC for more detail about how to list custom order

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering the GROUP you have two choices.

  1. You may BUY the GROUP/Composite a la carte as one sheet for $25.00
  2. ADD the FREE GROUP wFULL PACKAGE to your SHOPPING CART (price is .01) and it will be included into your PORTRAIT PACKAGE ORDER. Be sure to CHOOSE USING THE GROUP/COMPOSITE GALLERY when adding to your SHOPPING CART so that I know which has your Child in that GROUP/Composite

*I had to make it .01 because the software will not allow me to SELL things without a PRICE or otherwise FREE.



Example of email custom notes –
I want 1 8×10 sheet, 2 sheets of 5×7’s (which equals 4 5×7’s) , and instead of the 3.5×5’s sheet I want more wallets!
Please send me 2 sheets of 8 Jumbo Wallets (16 Jumbo wallets)
This total order is only 5 sheets so you only pay $46.00


Again, I want to remind you that when using the ONLINE SHOPPING CART you must choose PAYPAL to use a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD or your PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

ONE LAST NOTE : It has come to my attention that certain people for some reason are not able to use the PAYPAL or CREDIT & DEBIT SHOPPING CART.

I have a workaround for those parents who still wish to ORDER ONLINE.

You can do so by choosing the MANUAL ORDER and give me specifics in an email to CUSTOMIZE your ORDER to meet your needs, and as a alternate option I can use EMAIL to SEND you a PRIVATE PAYPAL INVOICE that will allow you to use your CREDIT CARD via email. Use this last method only if you are having trouble with the SHOPPING CART and or do not pay using CASH OR CHECK. I hope this helps those few parents with certain circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call, sms or email me at the information listed below or on the order form. I am grateful and enthusiastic about being your personal family photographer! I will go the extra mile to make you happy!

If you are not happy for any reason please just ask and I will do my personal best to go above and beyond to make it right!



Singleton Makin