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  • Hi There,I have updated the Launching Pad Lightroom Gallery .


click below to be taken to another page but come back here to fill out form below or email me direct.

If you already know what you want to order from the forms and lightroom gallery viewer

It seems the mobile site gallery works

and the full site I have kept simple one page because I thought it was taking to long to open. However

if you are on a mobile device it probably is showing you the WordPress site .

You can simply select from the drop menu to All Items

to see the shopping cart gallery


choosing these images you can then select to buy sheets as the orderform listed. Or the digital negative

just choose it on the list


not the download because I do not have that working.

I want to explain if you buy the digital negative you get more than just a download . It takes me time to customize each order because I send you high-resolution RAW images for archival purposes as well as printing. And then I send you smaller files for social media like .jpg and .png format


then the email will have a photographer release so you can take the files to any professional lab with proof of license.

If you have any other questions

please get in touch via the form below(or email me direct), I will get back to you as soon as possible.

you may also call me direct at my mobile number!

Any Questions you have about ordering and payment i can answer.

you can pay via paypal to the email  address or drop a check at the front desk Launching Pad with the order form and Proof attached.

thank you again for letting me be of service!

Makin’Memories Photography

Singleton Makin – photographer

4718 S. Centinela Ave. #8

Los Angeles, CA. 90066310-463-2771

singleton(at) makinworks(.)com